These are the type of matters most commonly referred to Du Toit Attorneys especially over the course of weekends.  It would seem that in the Johannesburg area the officers of the Johannesburg Metro are very active in actively pursuing possible transgressions of the Road Traffic Act. 

 Typically they prosecute people not only for exceeding the amount of alcohol exhaled in their breath, but also prosecuting offenders who exceed the legal limit of alcohol in their blood.  In both instances the individuals are granted bail after hours at the police stations and should clients wish to plead guilty in these matters, they can look at fines of between R2 000 and to R10 000.

The veracity of all tests can of course be contested.  It is however a very expensive process and expert testimony to this end has to be adduced.

In some cases or where the accused are young adults the State would consider withdrawing the charges against the accused subject to community service being performed.  This is the so-called “Diversion program” and it is a program recommended for all young offenders and endorsed by Du Toit Attorneys.

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