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The offence of fraud is one of the most widespread offences and is often been referred to in our legal authorities as the “cancer of society”.  

Fraud varies from not only credit card fraud and cheque fraud, but also to channelling funds by making false entries into various accounts or submitting false claims to insurance companies.

Fraud is widely regarded as one of the more serious offences for which an individual may be charged and should a client be charged, he should always keep in mind that the possibility of jail sentence is very likely.  The courts are generally lenient on first offenders but it has to be stressed that the moment the monetary value or prejudice suffered by the complainant exceed R50 000.00, the courts tend to have zero tolerance attitude.

Since 1990 there has been a crack-down by courts and authorities on fraud or white-collar crime.  As a result sentences are much higher than they used to be and the perception of white-collar criminals getting away with crime has definitely been stamped out by our courts.  In fact, there are numerous authorities where one can see that should an individual be charged and convicted of fraud of big amounts of money; the courts readily send them to jail as first offenders.  This is not to say of course that all fraudsters go to jail; with the right legal representation one can steer these matters, to satisfy not only the client, but also the State seized with the matter.