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Divorce can be a difficult time for a family. Not only are the parents realizing new ways of relating to each other, but they are learning new ways to parent their children. When parents’ divorce, the effects of divorce on children can vary. Some children react to divorce in a natural and understanding way, while other children may struggle with the transition.

Children are resilient and with assistance the divorce transition can be experienced as an adjustment rather than a crisis. Since the children in a divorce vary (different temperaments, different ages), the effects of divorce on children vary, too. Du Toit Attorneys understands this and approaches a divorce by understanding what the effects are on children of all dispositions.

While a do-it-yourself divorce may be acceptable in some situations, but most people should consider hiring an attorney to represent his or her interests.

Here are five reasons that a person should consider hiring an attorney during a divorce proceeding.

  • Expert advise
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Clear and binding agreements
  • Avoid delays

Let Du Toit Attorneys take care of your divorce matter, because you need to focus on yourself and your children.