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South Africa faced its worst unrest in recent years as protest action has led to extreme violence and looting.

The impact of looting and violence on our economy is that our currency continues to weaken. The protests and the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown are threatening business confidence. The rand has dropped by 2% against the dollar since the protests started. The looting has caused economic activity to be placed on hold as businesses are unsure about reopening and will be reluctant to restock their shops out of fear of being looted again. It will take months to repair the infrastructure at shopping malls that were set alight.

Further negative results of the violence and looting is that businesses will not be able to reopen, at least in the foreseeable months, thus causing the unemployment rate to increase rapidly.

Further consequences of the violent protest and the criminal looting is that it undermines the rule of law. Law enforcement officials have been directed to ensure full and transparent accountability for anyone arrested for looting.

If you have been unlawfully arrested or if your business suffered damages due to the looting and riots, contact us for an assessment of your case.