Train Accident Cases

Train Accidents

PRASA or TRANSNET claims generally originate with passengers commuting in a train from one station to another. In some instances, the commuter was either flung from a moving train or fell from a moving train. It is very important to note that in order to claim, the commuter must retain and be in possession of a valid train ticket.

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (“PRASA”) in all instances has a legal duty to ensure the safety of its commuters and the safety of those making use of their coaches. Should a person be killed in the course of being transported, his/her family would have a loss of support claim against PRASA. Typically, those claims are instituted by the loved ones and the spouses and would entail a claim based on a loss of maintenance that person would have received during the lifetime of the deceased.

Should the commuter have sustained serious injuries and amputations or severe orthopaedic or neurological deficits, the claimant would also be entitled to be fully compensated for pain and suffering or any loss of earnings which he/she may suffer.

What should I do in the event of believing I have a claim:

  1. Document the incident. Make sure you make notes of the date and time when it happened, exactly where it happened and ensure that you take note of the names of witnesses and people that were present.
  2. Keep your train ticket safe at all times because it will be required at your subsequent claim to prove that you were being transported on the train.
  3. Ensure that you report the incident to the nearest Security Officer at the platform and that he/she makes an entry into the occurrence book.
  4. Then contact us for your no obligation free consultation wherein the claim will be assessed by one of our experts to guide you further in the claim process.

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